Why Bilton?

  1. Career Development: Bilton will invest in you by providing you with specific opportunities to reach your goals and continuously offering hands on training and mentorship. Bilton’s training programs are one of the reasons we have among the lowest employee turnover rates in our industry. If you are an apprentice tradesperson pursuing journeyman certifications or an engineering technician interested in upgrading your skills and formal qualifications, Bilton will reimburse you for tuition and give you time off to attend classes. Investing in you is our way of ensuring we grow and succeed together. We always keep our employees long term goals in mind and allow everyone to go as far as they want to in their career. The sky is the limit here at Bilton.

  2. Appreciation: We know the importance of showing appreciation to all of our staff for all of their hard work and achievements. We guarantee that we will recognize and reward those who continuously show quality work. Not only do we reward individuals for their work ethic but we take the time to get together as a company and celebrate our achievements.

  3. Compensation: Competitive salary and benefits packages.

  4. Work & Life Balance: Bilton also knows that family comes first and that you need a life outside of work. Work-life balance is one of the cornerstones of our organization.

  5. Job Diversity: Bilton’s ability to custom manufacture a wide variety of energy production and processing equipment creates diverse career opportunities. Job diversity within our many departments is one of the main reasons you’ll like working here. Bilton’s product and service diversity provide some stability throughout the commodity price cycle and keep us busy all year, so we’re able to maximize our year-round employment.

  6. Technology: Technology is integral to driving innovation and achieving consistent manufacturing quality at Bilton. We use an automated plasma cutting-cable that optimizes material usage using a drawing database. Our sub-arc welding machines improve efficiency and weld consistency. Bilton is continually upgrading its welding and manufacturing technology to maintain its position at the forefront of the energy equipment design and fabrication industry.

  7. Your Safety: All new hires are given a thorough safety orientation before they set foot on our shop floor. Your safety orientation will be designed to suit your specific job description. As you advance in your career at Bilton, we will cover the cost of any additional safety training you require and give you time off to attend safety training classes. At the start of each job, Bilton conducts a hazard assessment to ensure you know what hazards are present and how to avoid them. Regular toolbox meetings to discuss any additional hazards that come up over the course of a job will help to keep you safe at every stage of the manufacturing process. All of Bilton’s foremen are required to complete a Leadership for Safety Excellence course from the Manufacturers’ Health and Safety Association.