engineeringBilton offers over 20 years of expert experience in design and fabrication of custom, innovative, and complex projects.

With the collaboration of our Designers, Engineers, Fabrication team and you we guarantee success on every project. We also promise continuous communication to significantly reduce decision making time and assure project success.

Bilton’s manufacturing process and world class facilities are why we can promise to deliver state of the art products on time and on budget.

Using virtual models to overcome real-world challenges

Finite Element Analysis allows Bilton’s engineering team to simulate real-world design challenges and what-if scenarios using computer models. We test all our tank and pressure vessel designs using this system to determine the optimum equipment configuration.

Finite Element Analysis provides an added level of assurance that your equipment’s design is the best one possible for your application. Performing a Finite Element Analysis before materials are ordered ensures all necessary materials are on-hand when manufacturing begins. Result: an extremely efficient manufacturing process and shorter lead times.