JT Skids

Bilton has the fabrication, design, and engineering expertise to manufacture high-performance JT Skids that can be utilized for:
  • Recovering Natural Gas Liquids
  • Fuel Gas Conditioning
  • Hydrocarbon Dew-pointing
Our typical JT Skids consist of the following equipment:
  • Gas-to-gas Heat Exchanger (Styles include: Hairpin, TEMA type NEN and BAHX)
  • Low-Temperature Separator (vertical or horizontal)
  • Methanol Injection System
  • Instrumentation and Controls required for operation
Additional equipment may be provided based on customer needs. Some examples include:
  • Gas-to-liquids Exchanger (Styles include: Hairpin, TEMA type NEN and BAHX)
  • Deethanizer
  • Demethanizer
  • Skid Mounted Control System

The equipment is packaged on a skid, with compact features, to minimize shipping and handling.

We are confident that with our many years of experience in Oil and Gas that we will exceed your expectations by supplying you with a high-quality product that is tailored to your specific requirements.


Key Features:

  • JT valve with pressure pilot controller
  • NGL/gas exchanger
  • ASME code gas/gas exchanger
  • ASME code cold separator
  • Instrument gas/air manifold
  • Sight glass assembly
    • Temperature controller
    • Methanol pump and delivery system
    • Cold thermal insulation
    • Hot gas bypass system for start-up and turn down
    • Heavy-duty steel skid with lifting lugs
    • Thermal relief valves







  • Upstream Dehydration
  • Hairpin exchangers
  • Control isolation valves
  • Ethylene glycol injection system
  • NGL bullet tank
  • 3-phase separator

    Custom designed systems available.