Condensate Stabilizer Package

Stabilizer-What does it entail

What is a Condensate Stabilizer for? 

  • Heavy hydrocarbon entering the inlet separator
  • Depending on the inlet separator pressure it can be a volatile mixture (C1, C2, C3 to C30)
  • May contain benzene, toluene, xylene and other aromatic hydrocarbons
  • May contain foulants such as ashphaltenes and waxes
Bilton has the expertise to manufacture and design Condensate Stabilizer Packages. A few possible applications for our condensate stabilizers are:
  • Sour condensate stabilization
  • Sweet condensate stabilization
  • Refluxed absorbers
  • Condensate de-euthanizer
  • Remote field condensate stabilization

Our typical condensate stabilizer packages contain the following equipment:
  • Condensate stabilizer tower
  • Reboiler (Thermosiphon, Kettle or Forced circulated)
  • Feed drum
  • Feed bottoms exchanger
  • Reflux drum
  • Reflux cooler
  • Condensate transfer pumps
  •  Reflux pumps

Stabilizer Render 6- resizedStabilizer Render 7-resized

Bilton is capable of custom designing condensate stabilizer packages to include a variety of equipment, depending on the unique process conditions that our clients present. We may include additional equipment into designs depending on the unique requirements of our clients.  This equipment includes:

  • Bath style indirect fired heater reboilers
  • Multiple heat exchangers for maximum heat recovery
  • Forced circulating condensate stabilizer bottoms pumps (Used for forced circulated reboilers)
  • Trayed or packed condensate stabilizer towers

Bilton constructs fully equipped stabilizer packages that include:

  • Skid edge mounted control systems
  • Fully automated controls (Electric or pneumatic)

Bilton constructs nearly all of the pressure vessel equipment in house. The equipment provided is designed to the most recent ASME codes as well as many API standards.