Bilton manufacturers rigid polyurethane insulation panels that are ideal for tanks, vessels, large pipes and buildings. Our insulation panels deliver a high-insulating value of R 7.1 plus they are easy to install, lightweight and maintenance free. Single-sided insulation panels are typically used for cladding. Double-sided panels are great for building freestanding structures and are available with a variety of metal surfaces. Insulation panels come in lengths up to 28 feet, widths of 48 inches and thickness from 1.5 to 6 inches. Impermeable cladding options include aluminum, galvanized, galvalume and pre-painted.

Product Benefits:

Bilton Rigid Polyurethane Insulation Panels are composed of a uniform closed cell polyurethane foam core bonded to various sheet metal skins on one or both sides. The composite single sided panels are ideal for cladding and are available saw scored to fit tanks, vessels, large pipe or non flat surfaces. The double sided panels are available with combinations of metal surfaces that can be applied to suit desired appearance and functionality. They are insulated modular building panels that can be used for wall, door, and roof applications. Panels can be joined with thermally broken lap joints or with structural extrusions for butt, corner, roof, window and door applications.

Product Benefits:

  • Insulating Value
  • One Piece Construction
  • Light Weight
  • Impermeable Faces
  • Span Strength
  • Maintenance Free
  • Installation Ease & Speed
  • Does Not Support Fungi
  • Non Wicking

Product Specifications:

  1. Steel Skins .016” Nominal
  2. Closed Cell Polyurethane Foam Core
  3. 2.5 lb./cu. ft. Density
  4. R 7.1 / inch Nominal R-Value
  5. Aluminum Skin .024” Nominal


  • Panel Thickness: Standard 1½ – 6 Inches*
  • Panel Lengths: Maximum 28 Feet*
  • Panel Widths: 48 Inches Nominal

*Other lengths and thicknesses available on request

Cladding Options:

Aluminum - Single sided panels available in all four options

Galvanized - Double sided panels available in any combination

Galvalume - Other surfaces available on request

Pre Painted

Single Sided Lap:

Storage Bullets

Double Sided Offset Lap:

Pressure Vessels

Double Sided Return Edge: