Paint and Coatings

Protecting your equipment

Bilton supplies a wide variety of internal and external coatings for the equipment we manufacture. As an equipment manufacturer, we’re experts at matching the correct paint or coating to your equipment’s application. Internal coatings for equipment used in natural gas processing inhibit corrosion, extending the life of your equipment. We can also apply food-grade coatings for tanks holding any type of food or potable water. Bilton does all of the grit blasting before painting in-house to the strictest surface preparation standards as per the Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC).

Paint & Coating Capabilities:

Internal epoxy linings: Tanks & vessels (Products include but not limited to 100% & solvented Devoe, Sherwin Williams, 3M, Carboline, Cloverdale)

External coatings: Structural Steel, tanks, vessels, oilfield & process equipment, flare stacks etc. (Products include but not limited to Endura, Devoe, Sherwin Williams, 3M, Carboline, Cloverdale)

Internal & external pipe & spool coatings: 2” & up (Products include but not limited to 100% solids & solvented Devoe, Sherwin Williams, 3M, Carboline, Cloverdale)

Rubber linings: Tanks, Vessels, & Internal spooling (Products include but not limited to Neoprene, Triflex, Natural, & Cholorbuytl)

Reinforced Fiberglass laminate: Tanks & Vessels (Products include but not limited to Corrocoat, Devoe, & Cloverdale)

Passive Fire protection: Structural, Tanks & Vessels Intumescent & Cementitious (Products include but not limited to Firetex, Chartek, Interchar, & Pyrocrete)

Polyurethane Spray foam: Tanks, Vessels, skids, structural (Products BASF)

Polyureas: Tanks, Vessels, skids, structural, secondary containment (Products BASF)

Pickling & Passivation: Stainless steel (Products Avesta)

Concrete Coatings: Concrete floors (Products TKO1000)

Indoor Blasting c/w grit recovery system 
Abrasive Blasting
  • Soda Blasting
  • Green Diamond
  • Garnet
  • Coal & Copper Slag
  • Silica
  • blast 1 


    Boiler- Used to cure rubber: 60HP Steam boiler for the curing of rubber lined tanks or vessels. Can be used for the cleaning of tanks as well

    400,000 CFM Dust Collector: Sandblast dust collector moves high volumes of airborne dusty air for better visibility, cleanliness, and health

    (2) 250 hp Air Compressor: 2 250 HP electric compressors totaling 3500CFM of air. No starvation of air with air movers, No down time to lack of air, work on many projects at one time without air restrictions. Capable of running 4 sandblasters

    40T Crane

    Max Curing Temps- 8 Different Curing Processes: Capable of curing up to 4 separate coatings to 165F at one time

    Paint Kitchen (Safety and Quality): Class 1 Div1 paint kitchen for ease and contamination cleanliness of mixing products, Contamination cleanliness of spray equipment.